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amvs, fanvids, and fanmixes by fireflypenance

this journal is a media journal, for myself (fireflypenance}. I will include in this journal the FANMIXES and FAN VIDEOS I produce. Also, you can get updates, information, etc, on up coming productions.

If you like what you see, please JOIN the community. Why should you join? Because you get updates on all the exciting things I produce, as well as make me feel like someone is actually looking at this and thus I will produce faster.

Another good reason to join is that most of my mixes go "friends only" after a week.

If you take any of the mixes, please COMMENT on them. That not only makes me happy, it helps me keep track of my demographic. If you watch one of the videos, as well, please COMMENT. I like constructive criticism, but even a passing "Hey, your vid was okay" will make me happy.

<3 ashe

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